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All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Donations of money or property made as tax-deductible are placed in the ANPC Public Fund, and managed as prescribed under ATO rules and in our Constitution. A Tax Receipt will be issued for all donations.

Ordinary monetary donations for any amount are always welcome. In 2015, Public Fund donations will go towards the development of the new ANPC website.

To make a donation:

Special donations i.e. non-monetary donations, large monetary donations or donations which you would like to tie to a particular purpose are also welcome. We ask that such special donations be discussed with us beforehand, as they may need special management to ensure best benefits to you and to us.

To discuss a special donation with a senior representative please contact the ANPC office on 02 6250 9509.

Donation statistics - as at 3/12/2014

Number of donations received = 82
Total value of donations = $6,097.30

Orchid Conservation Program - for 'fit out' of new conservation laboratory at Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne.

Total value received as at 3/12/2014: $23,267

Purchases from the Public Fund

June 2012 - Lap top and litepro for use at workshops and conferences.